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Welcome to Maryland Company of Rogers' Rangers website!

The Maryland Company of His Majesty's Independent Companies of Rogers Rangers – is a colonial/French & Indian War era historical reenactment group primarily located in the Mid Atlantic region. We were founded in October 2012 and are affiliated with Jaegers Battalion, the largest and oldest F&I Rangers organization.

The primary purpose and focus of our group is the accurate recreation of a company of Rogers' Rangers of the French & Indian War era.

Our members have many years experience in historical reenactment and living history, primarily in the French & Indian War, Revolutionary War and Civil War time periods. Our members are from Maryland, Virginia and West Virginia, as well as Pennsylvania and New York. Most of our Rangers are either retired Active Army, Army National Guard or U.S. Army Reserve members. We are a family oriented unit, with spouses and children welcome and encouraged.

If you have an interest in this fascinating period of America's history and desire to become a member, then we invite you to review our website and contact us. We are always open to new membership – all we ask is that what time you spend in this hobby you spend well, bringing honor to the Company.

Thousands of men served faithfully as Rangers during the Colonial period. The Colonial Ranger was a new breed of fighting man. He laid the foundation on which U.S. Ranger traditions and practices were built.  It was the Colonial-era Ranger who first led the way.

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